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As an ER alternative that's built and staffed by ER doctors, we're experts in emergency medicine. However, we are parents of youngsters and want to help where we can in the communities we serve. We're happy to cover the costs of a Physical Exam as required for annual participation in the Boy Scouts of America.


Below are the troops we have registered and confirmed for the 2019 program. As a reminder for parents, before a Troop Physical Day, all scouts participating must "Sign Up" to attend through Sign Up Genius. Click the Links Below.

Exer Urgent Care and BSA Community Event Exer Urgent Care and Boy Scouts Event

It's easy! For Boy Scout Troops that are registered in our 2019 program, on a set day we call a "Troop Physical Day," we're happy to lend our medical expertise to cover the cost of each scout's physical. In addition, we invite the respective troop to use their "Troop Physical Day" as a fundraising opportunity. The funds raised go directly back to the troop's athletic department for use as they see fit.

From dates to details, there is a lot to organize and a narrow window of time to ensure the effort is successful for each troop. Don't wait to register your troop. To register, simply walk into your nearest Exer facility, and ask to speak with the center manager. Once your Troop Physical Date is set, spread the word and encourage your scouts to join us on your troop's date.

To look up your registered troop for our 2019 program, see above.


To register your scout's troop for this year's program, simply locate your nearest Exer facility, walk in and ask to speak with the center manager. For our clinic locations, click here.