Our Doctors

Exer clinics are staffed by board-certified ER physicians. Meet a few of them here.

What We Treat

Exer More Than Urgent Care is the ER alternative staffed with experienced ER Doctors to get you feeling better, faster.

Billing & Payment

We accept all PPO insurance plans, or you can pay directly with our Prompt Pay Program.

What Makes Exer More Than Urgent Care?

Friendly board-certified Emergency Medicine doctors, beautiful clinics, and affordable prices for starters.

Next Generation Healthcare

It’s never been hard to find a healthcare provider, but access to the best has always been limited to painfully long waits at the hospital emergency room or on a wait list on a busy doctor’s schedule. That is until now.

By introducing Exer – More Than Urgent CareⓇ clinics into the healthcare system we’re not only providing a faster, more affordable and pleasant experience to patients, we’re also reducing the burden on hospitals, insurance companies, and primary care doctors. With the addition of Exer centers into our local communities, everybody wins. Exer is more than urgent care, and we have a mission to provide you with 100% convenience, caring, and clinical expertise.

  • Convenience

    • Easy access centers
    • Short or no wait
    • One-stop healthcare shops
  • Caring

    • Friendly staff
    • Comforting environment
    • Follow through with patients
  • Clinical Expertise

    • ER-level staff
    • On-site diagnostics & services
    • Technologically advanced