Exer Urgent Care can treat workplace injuries and illnesses

Expertly Trained
Our staff includes ER-trained physicians as well as other medical professionals to help get employees back on their feet and back to work ASAP

Cost Effective
We provide most of the services of an Emergency Room – generally at less cost and lower wait times

Comprehensive Services
We can treat a broad range of illnesses and injuries through our wide service offering (e.g. in-house labs, X-rays, laceration repair and treatment, fracture care, etc.)

Visit any of our 30+ locations across Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County

We are open 7 days per week from 9 am – 9 pm (last patient typically registered at 8:30 pm)

We provide employers a dedicated contact to answer questions regarding their employees’ Worker’s Compensation cases

We want to support you with your Workers’ Compensation needs.

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Simply visit any Exer Urgent Care clinic and bring a completed Workers’ Compensation Treatment Authorization form to be seen.

Frequently asked questions
Learn more about how Exer can help with your Workers’ Compensation needs.
For work-related injuries or illnesses, can employees use any Exer location for initial and/or follow-up visits?
Yes, with over 30 locations in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, we make it easy to visit the most convenient clinic for you. Please check the locations page on our website to see how many patients are in line at each clinic before you go. All patient records are accessible at any Exer clinic, so you can visit any clinic for a follow up visit too.
Are the same doctors at the same site every day?
No, Exer is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 9 pm. Our providers rotate schedules so they have time to rest. Patient records are accessible to all medical providers at all Exer clinics to make it seamless for everyone. This means you can see any provider on our staff for your same injury when you come back for a follow-up visit.
For work-related injuries, when should injured employees go to Exer versus go to an Emergency Room?
Exer is staffed to handle most of the cases that are seen in a typical Emergency Room. Generally speaking, if an injury is life threatening or there’s a chance of losing a limb, the injured person should dial 911.
Will you see an injured employee who pays cash?
No, we do not accept cash for work-related injuries or illnesses. All medical services will be billed to the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. We will also submit all applicable workers’ compensation documentation to the State as required by law.
Will you see an injured employee without some sort of treatment authorization form from their company?
No, we cannot accept a workers’ compensation patient without the proper paperwork to make sure the employer is aware of the injury or illness. You can use our Treatment Authorization Form (see link above), or we also accept completed, employer-specific treatment authorization forms which includes employer name, contact information, and workers’ compensation insurance information.
Do you provide Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy services?
No, our medical providers help assess and treat injuries and then refer patients to specialists for any medically- necessary services. Exer will complete a follow-up visit with patients after specialty care is provided to clear patients to return to work is appropriate. Our goal is to get the employee healthy and back to work as soon as possible.
Do I need an appointment for any urgent care or screening services?
No, you can walk into any Exer clinic at any time during our hours of operation to be seen. Be sure to bring a completed Treatment Authorization Form (see link above) with you for any initial workers’ compensation visits. You can check the location page on our website to see how many patients are in line at each clinic in order to pick the one most convenient for you.
Do you offer Telehealth for work-related injuries or illnesses?
No, we help assess and treat the injury and then refer patients to specialists for any needed services. We will invite patients back to Exer to clear them from work after they have seen a specialist. Our goal is to get the employee back to work as soon as possible.
Do you provide pre-operative clearances?
Yes, Exer provides pre-operative visits at all of our clinics; however, a completed Treatment Authorization Form (see link above) is required for any workers’ compensation pre-operative visits.
Do you provide Dept of Transportation Screening Services?
No, Exer does not offer Department of Transportation screenings at this time.
Do you provide pre-employment physicals?
Yes, Exer provides pre-employment physicals at all of our clinics. Patients are billed directly for pre-employment physicals unless an employer has established a direct-billing agreement with Exer. If you’re an employer interested in pre-employment physicals for your new-hires, please complete the form above, and a member of our team will follow up with you.
Do you have Spanish-speaking staff?
We have the ability to communicate with many non-English speaking patients through the use of our Foreign Language Translation services partnership, including Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. We also comply with ADA to assist non-verbal speakers.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a state-mandated benefit for employees with work-related injuries and illnesses. Whenever an employee is injured as a result of their work, they should immediately report it to their employer and get immediate care.

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