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As a business owner, your employees are your most valuable asset. When it comes to helping with workers’ compensation injuries, Exer is here for you.

Expertly Trained
Our trained medical professional staff can see 80% of the cases that are typically see in an emergency room and also help with follow up visits:

  • Sprains/strains
  • Cuts, burns, and wound care
  • X-ray
  • Foreign body removal
  • Pre-op exam
  • And more!

Convenient and Accessible
Visit any of our 55+ locations across Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County that are open 7 days per week with extended hours.

Cost Effective
We provide most of the services of an Emergency Room – generally at less cost and with lower wait times!

Great Customer Service
We provide employers with a dedicated contact at each clinic to answer questions and receive a status update regarding their employees’ Workers’ Compensation cases.


We want to support you with your Workers’ Compensation needs.

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To simplify registration and billing, please send your injured employee to any of our facilities (walk-ins welcome) along with either the Workers’ Compensation Treatment Authorization form or State of California DWC-1 form.

Need Workers’ Compensation care today?

Simply visit any Exer Urgent Care clinic and bring a completed Workers’ Compensation Treatment Authorization form to be seen.

Worker’s Compensation Insurances Accepted

We accept self-insured companies and are contracted with many approved California medical provider networks (MPN). Click here to see a list of the MPNs Exer currently participates in. This list is updated periodically.  If you are unsure if Exer is contracted with your employer’s insurance, please connect with your company’s HR contact or insurance claims adjuster.

Frequently asked questions
Learn more about how Exer can help with your Workers’ Compensation needs.
For work-related injuries, can injured employees use any Exer location?
Yes, with 55 locations across Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County which are open 7 days per week, we make it easy to get care when you need it. Please check the locations page on our website to see how many patients are in line at each clinic before you go.
Are the same doctors at the same site every day?
No. Exer is open 7 days a week. Our providers rotate schedules so they can get time to rest. Patient records are accessible to all staff working in each clinic, so any provider working in that same clinic can access your record for your follow up visit.
For work-related injuries, when should injured employees go to Exer versus go to an Emergency Room?
Exer is equipped to handle most of the cases that are seen in a typical Emergency Room. Generally speaking, if an injury is life threatening or there’s a chance of losing a limb, the employer or injured person should dial 911.
Will Exer see an injured employee who pays cash?
No, we do not accept cash for work-related injuries or illnesses. All medical services will be billed to the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. We will also submit all applicable workers’ compensation documentation to the State as required by law.
Will Exer see an injured employee without an authorization form from the company?
No, we cannot accept a patient without the proper paperwork to make sure the employer is aware of the injury or illness. You can use our Treatment Authorization form (see link above), or we also accept completed, employer-specific treatment authorization forms which includes employer name, contact information and workers’ compensation insurance information.
Does Exer provide Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy services?
We have limited physical therapy available on-site. All medical providers can also refer patients to specialist and diagnostic companies for any medically-necessary services. Exer will complete a follow-up visit with patients after specialty care is provided to clear patients to return to work as soon as possible.
Do I need an appointment for any urgent care or screening services?
No, you can walk into any Exer clinic at any time during our hours of operation to be seen. Be sure to bring a completed Treatment Authorization form (see link above) with you for any initial workers’ compensation visits. You can check the location page on our website to see how many patients are in line at each clinic in order to pick the one most convenient for you.
Does Exer offer Telehealth for work-related injuries or illnesses?
No, we help assess and treat injuries in our clinics and then refer patients to specialist for any needed services. We will invite patients back to Exer to clear them from work after they have seen a specialist.
Does Exer provide pre-operative clearances for workers’ compensation cases?
Yes. Exer provides pre-operative visits at all our clinics; however, a completed Treatment Authorization Form (see link above) is required for any workers compensation pre-operative visits.
Does Exer have Spanish-speaking staff?
We have the ability to communicate with many non-English speaking patients through the use of our Foreign Language Translation services partnership, including Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. We also comply with ADA to assist non-verbal speakers.
Should Employers Be Providing Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
The majority of California residents are covered for workers’ comp since the state of California requires all employers to pay for this type of insurance. No matter the size of the business, employees are required to provide insurance either through a private insurance company or through the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). As an employer, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive economy is to ensure you provide the best coverage available.
What is Covered by a Workers’ Compensation Claim?
One-time accidents, injuries incurred from repetitive motions (known as cumulative injury), or illness due to the working environment are all eligible for workers’ compensation. The most common workplace injuries that occur are due to accidents such as falling, injury when lifting/moving heavy objects, or being struck by a vehicle. Beyond these injuries, those that were a result of job hazards or conditions beyond your employee’s control can fall on you as the business owner.
What injuries are not typically covered by Worker’s Compensation?
. Insurance companies typically deny workplace-induced illnesses that cannot be directly attributed to being caused by the place of employment (i.e. stress-related sickness or psychiatric injury). Generally speaking, employees can expect to be denied compensation for any injuries that are their own fault, including: self-inflicted injury; injury during fighting or horseplay; injuries sustained during a crime; and injuries occurring under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in California

Eligibility to receive workers’ compensation benefits in California is a relatively straight-forward process. It begins by reporting the injury and is followed by time-sensitive paperwork that must be completed by the injured employee and the employer. Missing the deadline for the paperwork or failing to make a claim within 30 days of your injury could cause you to lose your workers’ compensation benefits, so be very mindful of the specific timeline of this process.

Step One: Reporting the Injury

As an employer, it’s important you stress to your employees the importance of reporting any on-the-job injuries with a written notice as soon as an injury occurs. Failing to report the injury or illness within the first 30 days of its occurrence could render them ineligible to receive workers’ comp benefits. While this is possible for accident-based injuries which provide a clear date of injury, there are other instances that are not so black and white and can make reporting a work-related injury more difficult, which makes reporting all the more important.

Step Two: Get a Medical Evaluation

Not all doctors treat work-related injuries, so be sure that the physician is aware of the specific nature of your appointment. In the State of California, injured employees must be seen by a doctor selected by your employer, which virtually eliminates the possibility that such a conflict could occur. Doctors that handle workers’ compensation cases will be required to fill out specific documentation detailing the specifics on your condition, such as necessitating time off work, job duty modifications, or determining whether you have a permanent injury. Exer Urgent Care can help.

Step Three: File Form DWC-1

After receiving a workers’ compensation injury report, you, the employer, should provide a workers’ compensation claim form, formally known as the DWC-1. After the form is filled by both you and your employee, you will have to submit a form directly to the insurance company. It is recommended you advise your employee to keep a copy for his or her records as well.

Step Four (Optional): File an Application for Adjudication of Claim

If you or your employee have a disagreement with the insurance company regarding a fair claim amount, the Application for Adjudication of Claim (Form WCAB-1) is required to make your case eligible for appeal. It must be filed within one year of the date of injury, the last day of employer-provided medical benefits, or the last day of temporary disability benefits.

About Workers’ Compensation

California’s Workers’ Compensation Act entitles employees with work-related injuries to have their medical costs covered by the employer, meaning the initial doctor’s visit, as well as any medical treatment required thereafter. This law also entitles an injured employee to a partial wage replacement in the event that the employee is unable to work during the recovery process.  However, this compensation is not automatic and requires particular actions to be taken in a specific order. Being examined by a doctor that specializes in workers’ compensation is only the first step towards receiving your deserved benefits. At Exer Urgent Care, we can help with this first step and guide you through the rest of the process, ensuring your employees are well taken care of.  Whenever an employee is injured as a result of their work, the first step is to immediately report the incident to their employer and get immediate care.

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